Attitudes To Sex And Hook-Up Culture In China

Scholars described Chinese sexual attitudes as non-suppressive or suppressive, according to observations made on several aspects of this culture. The characteristics of the society and history are the reason behind these confusions and controversies.  We can possibly understand the entire picture through the developmental model advocated by means of modern sociologist in the study of collective behaviors and social unit.

Compared to the Western culture, China’s culture in terms of sex and hook-up is quite different.  They feature a different schema on social cues and environment for a relationship. Keep on reading to learn more of their attitude towards hook-up and sex:

Teenager relationship

China has been long known for its ruthless college entrance examination. Thus, it comes to no surprise that dating is strictly prohibited among young high school students. What is the reason behind? The truth is, they don’t have enough time for this since they’re busy focusing on their studies. However, it does not necessarily mean that Chinese don’t experience infatuation and the likes. Generally, serious dating begins after they have finished their studies.

In cities like Shanghai and Beijing, hookups aren’t common.  Dating is not casual and usually, a form of courtship. Traditionally, Chinese boys and girls were introduced to a social gathering. You must be aware that a girl should only agree to date a boy if she is willing to marry him.


Did you know that China is hailed as the top manufacturer of sex toys all over the world? Nearly 70% of these adult aides in the world are produced here. With the emergence of mail order websites such as Taobao greatly help the country to generate and sell more.

In addition to that, searching hook-ups in the country has been made easier. In fact, they can do it at their own convenience.  Jeff Moody of CGTN downloaded one of the famous dating apps for research purposes.

When it comes to pre-marital sex, it rarely happens throughout the country. Chinese take this matter seriously.  In dating Chinese, women are known to be stricter. So, once intercourse occurs, it could be perceived as one step closer to marriage. Therefore, be responsible for dating or else, next family gathering, you could already have parents in law asking you a marriage certificate.


According to The China Sexology Association revealed Chinese sex habits. This organization studied 10,520 female and male professionals. It discovered that roughly most men insist they have intercourse less than once every week. Meanwhile, the remaining 37% of them enjoy one to three hot sessions per week. Only 8% of men, claimed they’re getting it more than five times a week.

On the other side, about 39% of female and male respondents told that their bedroom activities typically last nearly ten to twenty minutes while almost 24% days they perform it in less than ten minutes.


China is a huge nation. It comes with multitudes of diverse regional ethnic groups. These ethnic groups boast its own tradition and custom in terms of sex and hook-ups. Unsurprisingly, some groups still adhere to these customs even today.

No matter what, let’s all respect their beliefs or perception regarding this matter.

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