Things To Know When Dating A Korean Woman

Things To Know When Dating A Korean Woman

Mesmerized with Korean beauty?  If you can get into her pants easily, think again.  It’s not as easy as it seems. You need to date her first.  With that, here are the basic rules you need to know when dating a lovely Korean woman:

Don’t Be Afraid To Open Up.

With Korean women, conversation plays a vital role in dating. Most of them tends to be inquisitive when new romance comes into their life.  It is important for them to talk to you every hour and every day.

Thus, if you’re having trouble opening up, she might lose interest to you and find another guy that fits her desires.

You Need To Be Financially Prepared.

If you really like to capture her heart, make sure that your pockets are well-prepared. In the country, it has been a norm for them that the man will shoulder almost 90% of dating expenses. Don’t be offended once your Korean girlfriend didn’t even bother to get their wallet to pay the bill. They won’t even thank you for doing this.

Make Your Relationship Balance/Mutual

Balance is an essential element in arelationship. It is helpful in staying in love so it is necessary not to suffocate your woman with the things that you like them to do. Allow her to do the things the she wants to do. Allow her to be with her friends for some times in order to have fun. All you need to do is to trust her. If she knows that you trust her, she will definitely give importance to that trust.

Hang out with Her Friends

Most Korean women want to hang out with their friends. They would also love to bring you with them so that you will know the kind of friends that she has. So what you need to do is to chill with them and have fun. You can joke around and show that you are happy with them. Just always remember to give her the space that she needs.

Do Something Sweet for Him

Koreans get easily touched by simple thoughts. So why not let her experience sweet things that will make her smile? Cook her favourite dish, surprise her on her birthday, write her love letters and poems and do all the things that can make her happy as long as it comes from your heart. Whenever you are with Korean singles, let them feel that you want to be with them. Let her feel that you are more than willing to do everything for her. In that way, she will feel your love and care.

Be aware of the 30-day rule

If you think you can take dating into the next level after 2 to 3 dates with a Korean woman, you’ve got it wrong. Korean women are strict when it comes 30-day rule. Although this norm has been evolving, it’s just a mere reminder that premarital sex for them is perceived as promiscuous. So, take it easy buddy.

If you have found a Korean partner, you have a perfect woman. In the event that you want your love to last for years having the same deep passion for love, knowing these things may help you a lot.


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